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Anca in the WonderLand of Facebook

A true story of a GOOD girl turnning CRAZY, MADLY, DEEPLY…..

When Anca Loghin first typed, Password ****** and she clicked “Sign In “ it was a fine day of February in her head, without too much anguish, empty thoughts or other frustrations with taste of pickles. All her essential“gray matter” was clear as a mountain spring, her brain was breathing fresh air and her endorphins were laughing out loud at the Pituitary Gland. The first step towards the Beautiful Crazy was made after Anca met her Evil Twin who opened her an account in the World of virtual emotions. Anca stepped timidly on the door and Gigi opened automatically to her, the New World. At first, Facebook seemed a small and harmless world, with happy, shiny people gathering in virtual sororities and growing harvests, cows and pigs in their little farms( kind of virtual Amish community). Much to her surprise, Anca found a lot of people she knew although a lot of them were in disguise. But, most important, Anca met her Happy Three Friends (and a friendly, cute Grandpa’) with whom she shared, laughs, music, mjitos  good, bad, crazy nights, quiet Sunday afternoons, (long) stories about Panda Bears, pancakes, drama, cannellonis, crazy dances, Norway, sarmale, football(ha ha ha), guacamole and last but not least, COFFEE. With her new friends Anca drank a lot of Hot T(ea)…until she got burned.

In the New World, Anca liked to walk a lot, and every day she discovered new stories with different endings. Therefore she met the Croissant and the Coffee, two characters made one for another, who lived together (in love)  happily ever after. During her long walks, Anca also discovered  a “Petit Oui” chasing a ”Grand Non” in a small Perpetual Wondering World and she wondered if they will ever  get tired of this game (in these days they are still chasing each other).One day, Anca found on her way (to nowhere) a sad, nervous (a bit autistic) Schnitzel who was in love of a charming, nonchalant Crep (or better said, Creep)….and the story gone bad K .

Before she met all of these stories, Anca discovered, at the beginning of her journey, a very interesting (new)  species of Panda Bear. The unique specimen changed  its fur according to the sound of Music,  the Weather and the Market. The new discovered Panda was smart, emotional and sensitive and passed most of his time in his “Bubble”.In day to day life, the Panda was traditional but nonconformist, friendly but arrogant, strange, apparently  JeMe’enFicheist and often autistic. He had deep roots but no strings attached, white fur and black thoughts, dangerous ways to play with words and a topper full of wicked music -> a totally Kung-Fu Panda Dude! Anca, who was an undercover (unique) Blonde Sarcastic Panda, tried to share a spark but even if they were both polyglot bears, apparently they didn’t speak the same language, their circumstances worked in mysterious ways, their chances jumped from the balcony and their timing was in vacation.

After a while, the friendly world of Facebook became vicious. After midnight Anca felt she was followed at every corner by abstract FLAPSURI, apparently inoffensive at first but digging deep into the  the mind of any Professional Thinker. She got into a fight with words, she survived deadly duels and the revenge of the Words, her universe got smaller and smaller, and her endorphins were almost dead. At the end Anca got sick with “Itchy Keyboard”, a fatal disease caused by Facebook.  Luckily, she  survived after a long, wild pain and a DETOX of a week. Now Anca is immune to all facebook diseases but her endorphins are in a pretty bad shape, her will is damaged, sometimes the keyboard is still itchy, she’s not searching for unique Panda’s anymore, she doesn’t like Crepes anymore (or pickles) she became more autistic and JeM’enFicheist , strange, nonconformist, arrogant…..