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Oldie but Goodie

Radiohead-Talk Show Host


Colour my life with chaos of trouble

Everything becomes just a song

Every fist step in the summer sun, all my colours, the backpack full of dreams, every stolen smile, all the laughs, those nights and all the late velvet mornings  .The stupid movies,the weird meals, whatching the clouds from above, the stars in my eyes, the mess from my head and my room.

All the (good) coffees in the World, the long summer walks, each hole in the concrete, home, Madrid, Bruxelles, London, my bad french, all my drama and  my disappointments, my childish laugh, my bitter jokes,  my serious plans. All those warm free summer days and all the scented nights, my long stupid hair, my blue jeans coverall, my happy shoes, my friendly friends, ME.

The things we have in common, the distances, the idea of you, the misunderstandings,  the things that tare us apart. Your skin, your sharp tooth, your childish eyes, your crazy plans, your serious dreams, your weird food, your music, your wake up calls, your good nights, your coasters, your  selfishness, your ignorance, your  girlfriend, YOU.

PS:  Arely, nothing lasts 4ever!